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Needing money? See credit card and overdraft alternatives

When we need money to make some dream come true or even pay the bills, the first impulse is to rush to the expensive credit alternatives that are available, such as overdraft and credit card. said. This is no coincidence, it is very easy and practical to enter the overdraft or pay the minimum of the credit card. The problem is that the interest on these modalities is very high, making the payment a growing snowball.

When spending is continually beyond revenue, a good alternative is to increase income. If you increase family income, you are more likely to achieve your dreams without sacrificing, and without contracting your income. High interest rate debt such as overdraft and credit card arrears.

But how to make more money when the salary remains the same? With that in mind, “Getting” was behind alternatives to the loan for those who need to increase household income. Check-out!


1. Use your car to make money

1. Use your car to make money

If you have a car of your own and it is standing in the garage for a long time, you may be missing out on the chance to earn a little extra money at the end of the month. Some options for monetizing the vehicle are driving on your spare time through Uber, chartering in your area, or renting the vehicle to others using sharing platforms like Segcar.

All of these tips are important for increasing income as well as reducing the impact of vehicle expenses on your budget!


2. Offer luggage space

2. Offer luggage space

For those who travel a lot or are saving for a big trip, an interesting way to make more money is to offer space in your suitcase. Websites like Fits in the Suitcase Help you get in touch with those who have luggage space And those who need a cheaper ‘freight’, but you can also spread the opportunity to your network as friends and coworkers.


3. Do more in your free time

3. Do more in your free time

Who really needs money to reach a goal will not mind exchanging some leisure for some activity that helps increase income, right? A few hours a week can make a good difference at the end of the month!

If you have time left, you can think about teaching, consulting on some area where you are an expert, doing some freelance work, creating crafts, and so on. And there are several online platforms that can help you get your work out and find the first customers.


4. Receive guests at home

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Does your house have an unoccupied room? Do you usually travel a lot? Getting guests can be a great alternative to earning more money and getting out of loans. In addition to Airbnb, there are other sites where you can register your rental property, such as Vacation Rentals. Depending on the rental conditions, you can pay most of your monthly housing costs this way.


5. Detach from what you no longer need

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No more storing objects you no longer need! In addition to making room in the closet, detaching them can earn some extra good money. Clothing, books, records, furniture, appliances and home furnishings can be easily sold at traditional bookstores and thrift stores, as well as on social networking groups and on sites like OLX or Najoei. Great alternative to not having to rely on a loan so early!


Increase Your Income and Avoid Expensive Debts

Avoid Expensive Debts

There are times when we really need credit, such as buying a property, changing a car, or opening a business. These situations are investments for the future, so financially it makes a lot of sense to borrow to make these dreams come true. But don’t forget to do a good research on the best rates in the market.

Now when the case is recurring or even superfluous spending, there is no better way than to increase income and get away from the overdraft and interest on the credit card. Understand your budget, set a monthly target for new earnings, and find out where your skills can be applied to increase your income. This will ensure your financial peace of mind and resources you need to maintain your standard of living!

This text was produced by Segcar, a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that allows anyone to rent their own car to interested drivers, safely and conveniently. may apply to increase your income. This will ensure your financial peace of mind and resources you need to maintain your standard of living!